Production of products with new grades in Masjid Suleiman Petrochemical Industries Company

According to daylinews , Seyed Ehsanullah Mousavi, CEO of Masjid Suleiman Petrochemicals, stated: We had problems in the contract of colleagues, and by implementing the job classification plan in March, we solved this problem to some extent, and with the revisions we have in the job classification plan, we can improve the situation. Make contracts better.

We had special problems in the area of ​​feed and gas and payments of the company’s arrears, but thanks to the provincial visit of the president to Khuzestan and the supportive visits of the honorable ministers, especially Dr. Mortazavi, the Minister of Labor, Cooperatives and Social Welfare, and Mr. Khandozi, the Minister of Economy, we solved these two problems. And to focus on more serious issues such as diversification of complex output products and the use of domestic knowledge-based companies and the production of special products that have not been produced in the country, and this will be one of the levers of our success in the field of international marketing.

In line with the development of downstream industries, we had negotiations with several international companies that have licenses, and by attracting finance, we will have three development plans for downstream industries.

Dr. Mortazavi, Minister of Welfare, asked me to promise to increase production capacity by the end of the year in exchange for their support, because increasing production is equal to job creation and removing deprivation in the region, and we give this hope to our countrymen and fellow citizens in Suleiman Mosque that with The efforts of our good colleagues and the success that we ask God for in the year that they are the supreme leader of Egypt and this year’s message is in the same direction, we can have a double boom in production and we can make a good contribution in the field of preventing the increase in inflation and helping the personnel.

This year is the first appearance of Masjid Sulaiman Petrochemical Industries Company in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition. After years of being plagued by the Corona problem, it has been well received and good negotiations and actions are being carried out. Support for production, currency exchange and support for employment has been neglected.

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