Quds Day occasion for solidarity with Palestine, oppressed

In a borderless sympathy, Quds Day basically sympathizes with Palestinians and other oppressed regardless of all odds, and to fight oppression and injustice as common enemies. This great occasion in the calendar of the Muslim world has become prevalent and spotlighted across the globe as it provides, every year, hope and promise for the righteous people against and in disavowal of the Zionist occupying, usurper and apartheid regime. 

In the month of Ramadan of 1979, Imam Khomeini the late founder of the Islamic Revolution, in a fateful message, designated the last Friday of Ramadan every year as the holy day and called it the day of the life of Islam.
Imam Khomeini said in a message on the occasion of Quds Day, “I invite Muslims all over the globe to consecrate the last Friday of the holy month of Ramazan, which is a day of fate and which could also become the day on which the fate of Palestinian people might be determined as Quds day and to proclaim the legitimate right of the Muslim people of Palestine.” 
Since then, every year on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan, we witness a massive march of people demanding the release of Al-Quds with the slogans like “Down to Israel”, “Down to USA”. The marchers with their enthusiastic presence, declare their support for the Palestinian people and their struggles until the liberation of the holy city. The participation of fasting men and women in this huge march is to support the Intifada revolution and renew allegiance to the historic decree of Imam Khomeini.
Quds day, our Qadr night The Leader of the Islamic revolution says about Quds Day:
“Now, the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan – which was called the Holy Day by Imam Khomeini – is in front of us. [We must] spend the Quds Day and all these sensitive days, which is the Night of Qadr in the history of Islam, with vigilance and alertness, and we should not stop trying to save the Muslim nations, especially the brave and oppressed Palestinian nation, until dawn.”
Effect of Iran’s Islamic Revolution on uprising of the Palestinian People The experience of the victory of the Iranian Islamic Revolution created a tremendous change and established new struggles. The call of Iranian Muslim nation against arrogance and Zionism created a new way of thinking in the occupied territories and left a deep impression on the freedom-loving masses of Palestine, and by encouraging them to proudly participate in the battle scenes, the first sparks of resorting to the intifada was ignited in their minds. Today, the sparks of anger of the heroic Palestinians have engulfed the Zionist criminals and left them stunned.

Quds Day, an International occasion
This day is not for Muslims only, it’s rather a universal day. Quds, in Imam Khomeini’s view, is a universal cause, for all the oppressed and freedom lovers in the world. He said “Al Quds Day is an international day. It is not a day that concerns Quds only, but rather it is a day for the Vulnerables to confront arrogance.” He made Quds a cause for all the righteous and principled people in the world who, in his language, are the “Vulnerables”.

In as many as 50 other countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa, demonstrators take to the streets on Al Quds Day. However, the ban that most Arab governments impose on Al Quds Day activities makes this celebration commemoration very difficult (and risky!) for people, except for a few countries like Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Tunisia, and sometimes Kuwait. In Palestine itself, the main activity takes place in Gaza city where the resistance movements organize large demonstrations and many events. 
The resurrection of anti-arrogance Quds Day is the day of manifestation of the glory and greatness of the Islamic Ummah, the resurrection of the arrogance of the Muslim nations of the world, the day of the unity of all truth-seeking and justice-loving people, the day of the binding of the powerful arms of the Islamic Ummah, and the day of constant struggle against Zionism and predatory imperialism. Quds Day is the day to put aside the tastes and join the drops in the flowing ocean of people. Quds Day is the day of reflection of the raging anger of the oppressed peoples and the storming of the holy zeal of the people who express their hatred against the usurper regime of Israel with their slogans.
Intifada “Intifada” is a word that entered the revolutionary and political culture since 1978. Intifada means to revolt, to boil, to flow, and to move with force and speed. Today, with the uprising of the Palestinian Muslim masses and its continuation, perhaps few people are unaware of the Palestinian intifada.

Now, the intifada is used in the culture of the Palestinian people to express the dynamic and comprehensive movement and the protesting and open action of the people who stand bravely against tyranny with weapons of stones and shouts and sing songs of resistance and martyrdom until their last breath.
Fight until the disappearance of Israel Regime

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in emphasizing the necessity of fighting Israeli regime, says: “Every inch of Palestine is an inch of Muslims’ house. Any government other than a Palestinian one and other than a Muslim one over Palestine is a usurper one. Our word is what Imam Khomeini said that “Israel must be wiped away”. It is not fighting with Jews. The issue is usurping the house of Muslims.”
This year’s Quds Day to be stronger

This year, Al-Quds Day will be of particular importance as the Israeli occupation and its fanatics are escalating their violations of the Islamic shrine in Al-Quds and Palestinian emotions and morale are sky-high. Also, the weaknesses of the usurping Zionist regime are being revealed; the internal crises of the Zionist regime and the settlers’ dissatisfaction with the officials of this regime have created a vast division in the occupied lands. Furthermore, a convergence between Islamic countries, especially between Iran and the Arab neighbors, is being created. The warming of relations between Iran and the Islamic countries of the region along with the after-mentioned points make this year’s Quds Day march more colorful. 
Compiled by Sareh Khosravi

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