Raeisi calls for Islamic unity against Zionist regime

President Ebrahim Raeisi held a phone call with Abdelmadjid Tebboune, president of Algerian on Sunday afternoon during which he congratulated the holy month of Ramadan to him.
“Iran and Algeria have close and shared stances on regional and global issues, especially on the issue of Palestine and the rights of the oppressed people of that country,” Raeisi said.
Pointing out that the Zionist regime’s crimes against the Palestinian people have intensified in recent months, the Iranian president said, “Today, more than ever, the necessity of cooperation and forming a united front comprised of Islamic countries against the Zionist regime and in firm support of the Palestinian nation is urgent.”
Raeisi expressed his satisfaction with the growing relations between the two countries and voiced hope that the cooperation between Tehran and Algiers, especially in the economic and trade fields, will expand and enhance as time passes.
The president of Algeria, for his part, congratulated the president and the people of Iran on the month of Ramadan.
Tebboune added, “The oppressed people of Palestine are suffering from the atrocities at the hands of the Zionist regime during the month of Ramadan, which is the month of piety and worship, and I hope that with the cooperation of Islamic countries, the Palestinian people will be emancipated from being under the oppression of the Zionists.”
The presidents of Iran and Algeria further emphasized the need to take practical steps based on the roadmap for the development of bilateral cooperation.

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