Raeisi calls for regional integration, boosting economic ties

In the phone conversation, Modi condemned the recent terrorist attack in Iran’s Shah Cheragh holy shrine and offered condolences to the people and government of Iran and the families of the victims.
The Indian premier further expressed happiness with the process of bilateral and long-term cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and India and considered the joint project of Chabahar Port and its development and transformation into a regional transportation hub as an opportunity for the prosperity of the region. He also stressed India’s readiness to finalize the cooperation document between the two countries to complete the Chabahar port project.
Expressing gratitude for the prime minister’s sympathy over the terrorist attack, Raeisi said that, “The Islamic Republic of Iran wants to strengthen regional integration and develop economic relations, and for that purpose, it seeks interaction with all countries in the world, especially Asian countries.”
The president attached importance to developing interactions with India, especially in the fields of transit and energy and regional security, and called for the expansion of transit cooperation, including in the North-South corridor, and the acceleration of the operationalization of Chabahar port facilities.
Raeisi further considered the civilizational and historical similarities between the two countries as laying a very good basis for the development of Tehran-New Delhi cooperation at the bilateral, regional and international levels.

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