Raeisi hails country’s fast pace of production growth

President Raeisi made the remarks in a conference on Saturday to commemorate “the twenty-seventh national anniversary of National Industry and Mining Day” in Tehran on Saturday.

Stating that a look at all indicators shows the beginning of the country’s good movement towards growth in production and economic growth, the president called on everyone to work and cooperate to strengthen the production sector,

The president further vowed increased government support for the production sector in the country in a way that “makes the industrial and mining activists feel that the government supports them.”

He added that by approving and applying tax incentives, the administration has tried to support the production sector more.

Referring to the imbalances in the banking and monetary, as well as water and electricity sectors, the President said, “To eliminate imbalances in the energy sector, necessary work has been done by the government, and planning for the production of 10k megawatts of electricity by the industries themselves is a step that can help eliminate imbalances in the electricity sector a lot.”

Raeisi said his government will not allow any manufacturing unit to shutdown and will intensify its efforts to reduce the jobless rate.

At the end of his address to the ceremony, the President stressed that his administration will focus on domestic capabilities tackle the shortcomings in the industry and mining sector


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