President Ebrahim Raeisi made the remarks in a meeting with visiting Zambry Abdul Kadir, the foreign minister of Malaysia in Tehran on Tuesday. 
Referring to the very good potentials and capabilities that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Malaysia have, Raeisi emphasized the necessity of developing relations between the two countries, especially in the trade, industrial, agricultural, science and technology and cultural areas.
The president considered the drafting of the long-term strategic cooperation plan between the two countries as important for drawing new horizons in the interactions between Iran and Malaysia, adding that, “We hope that with preparing and drawing such program, we will be able to experience ways that have not been stepped on yet, especially in increasing relations and economic exchanges.’
The Malaysia’s foreign minister, for his part, considered the Islamic Republic of Iran as a very important partner for his country in the region and the Islamic world.
Emphasizing that his country will never recognize the oppressive US sanctions against Iran, Abdul Kadir evaluated the holding of joint meetings with the officials of the Islamic Republic during his trip as very positive.
He also called for the development and strengthening of bilateral relations with Tehran, especially in the fields of agriculture, medicine and science and technology.