Speaking in a meeting of Administrative Council of South Khorasan at the end of his visit to the Iranian eastern province on Wednesday evening, President Raeisi pointed to the services of the Processionists (all those who set up Mawkibs to give services to Arbaeen marchers) in welcoming the Arbaeen pilgrims in Iraq, and said, “The generous services of the Iraqi government, all the institutions, organizations and people involved in this great and civilizational event have to be thanked for.”

He further described Arbaeen as “a great, memorable and civilizational event in the Islamic world.”

Later in his remarks in his address to the meeting, Raeisi urged the officials to intensify efforts to tackle shortcomings in the economic field.

“Statesmen and economic activists should create hope in the hearts of the people with their actions so that the enemy cannot create disappointment with media campaign and psychological warfare,” he underlined.

Elsewhere, he stated that “today 400,000 people are occupied with knowledge-based companies, which is a very successful step,” stressing the need for more support to the knowledge-based firms to push the country’s progress further forward.

Referring to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s insistence on curbing inflation and increasing production growth, Raeisi said, “Inflation should be curbed by increasing production.”