Raeisi urges Indonesian clerics for timely Islamic stances

Speaking in the meeting with the heads of Islamic organizations in Indonesia, which was held before noon on Wednesday local time, as part of his official travel plans to Indonesia, President Ebrahim Raeisi referred to the increase in the tendency towards godliness and belief in God in the nations despite anti-religiousness and the efforts of the Westerners to create a division between people and religion and called the education of talented people and the fight against deviation, corruption, injustice and discrimination as a duty of Muslim clerics.

Referring to the unity and cohesion among Indonesian clerics, the president described the interest in religion and religiosity as one of the outstanding characteristics of the Indonesian people, and considered the cooperation of clerics with the government to be effective and important for the development of morality and spirituality in the society.

The President described the timely understanding and announcement of the position on he part of the Indonesian clerics regarding the issues of the Islamic world as very important and emphasized the readiness of the Islamic Republic of Iran to cooperate with Indonesian Islamic organizations with the aim of simultaneously raising the level of cultural and economic interactions with the country.

Also, pointing to the guidelines of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Raeisi stated that the only way to protect the young generation against the Western cultural invasion is to promote spirituality, ethics and divine values in the societies.

He also said, “The greatest asset of the people of Indonesia is faith in God and devotion to the Ahl al-Bayt (AS) and from this point of view Iran’s relationship with Indonesia is not only a political and economic diplomatic relationship, but a deep and solid relationship that is rooted in the beliefs of the two nations and will not be shaken by anything.”


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