Raisi congratulates championship of Iran’s Greco-Roman, beach soccer teams

President Ebrahim Raisi in his massage on the occasion said that the championship of the national Iranian wresting team in Azerbaijan World Wrestling Championship was both pride-inspiring and a sign of the capabilities and competence of the prestigious Islamic, Iranian youth in sports fields, as well as the efforts made by the coaches, technical team, and all members of the Greco-Roman team, that brought international grandeur for Iran, which is sincerely appreciated.

The president added in his message, “The mighty championship of the national Iran Greco-Roman wrestling team in Azerbaijan World Wrestling Championship was another golden medal added to many gold medals of the proud Iranian wrestling, which I congratulate and wish the team and our nation happiness.”

He said that this pride-inspiring victory was a sign of the might and competence of the prestigious Iranian athletes at various sports fields.

The Iran national Greco-Roman wrestling team beat the host team, Azerbaijan in the final of the 2022 Baku Greco-Roman World Championship on Sunday to rank best in the world, despite the referees unfortunately biased judgements in hosts’ favor.

In his Sunday night message on the occasion of championship of Iran’s beach football team, President Raisi sincerely appreciated the national beach football players, the dear Iranian nation, the team’s coaches and supporting team that have hand in hand created this national pride.

The president has in his message emphasized, “The championship pf the Iran national beach football team in the UAE Intercontinental Cup, was another manifestation of Iran’s might at international sports fields.”

“I congratulate this pride-inspiring and glorious victory and appreciated the coaches, players and team managers that created this pride, and pray to Almighty Allah for grandeur of our dear country, Iran,” concluded the president.

Iran national beach football team won the final game versus strong Brazil team 2-1, in 2022 UAE Intercontinental Beach Football to become Asia-America champion.


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