Raisi: Launching translation movement to inspire high Islamic values

In a message on the occasion of the closing ceremony of the International Conference of ‘Translation Campaign and Promoting Sacred Defense Concepts’, President Raisi underlined the role of translation.

Launching a movement to translate valuable written works in the field of Sacred Defense can inspire people in the world on high human and Islamic values, including reliance on God, combating arrogance, promoting freedom-seeking, and defending the oppressed people.

The Islamic Revolution, in its second step, aims at presenting its causes and significant principles, he said.

Achieving the causes through translation could be admirable, he further noted.

Holding this conference and introducing and translating the great literary works in the field of Sacred Defense into the world’s living languages will play a key role in the Islamic awakening, he noted.

The city of Malayer in Iran’s western province of Hamedan hosted the event.


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