Speaking during the Sunday session of his cabinet, President Ebrahim Raisi condoled the martyrdom of a number of Iranian citizens in the terrorist act committed in the holy shrine of Shah Cheragh of Shiraz.

President Raisi also appreciated the massive presence of the Iranians in the funeral procession of the martyred victims and the exalted status that those martyrs have in the eyes of the people in different cities.

The Iranian president said that the bitter Shiraz event was the materialization of a part of the enemy’s objectives in fomenting unrest and disturbance in the lives of the people through strife, sedition and terror, and referred to the increased hatred of the public against both the terrorists and the violators of pubic unrest.

“The concerned officials are commissioned to spend their entire efforts aimed at restoration of peace and stability in the country, serving the people, and removing the obstacles that have made business, studying and living hard for them in their daily lives,” he added.

Raisi said that the message of the people’s broad presence in the streets of Shiraz and the other cities was besides condemnation of the terrorist attack in the Holy Shrine of Shah Cheragh was decisive confrontation with the terrorists and meanwhile preservation of peace and stability in the country.

The president said that the most important responsibility of the officials is confrontation with the plots hatched by the enemies and making incessant and timely efforts aimed at resolving the people’s problems and ensuring the progress of the country.

“Knowing that appropriate time for doing anything is one of the main characteristics of any good manager, and every organization, ministry and institute is commissioned to do their responsibilities in due time, so that both good results for the people will be guaranteed, and delays in doing their mission will not lead to losing the opportunities,” concluded President Raisi.


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