Range of Fattah Hypersonic missile could increase to 2,000 km

General Amir Ali Hajizadeh made the remarks at a gathering of Babolsar University’s professors and students in Mazadnaran Province on Thursday.
General Hajizadeh stressed the need for a proper understanding of the enemy.
He noted that to know the enemy one does not need to refer to the pre-revolution era and  the American betrayals such as the 1953 Iranian coup d’état. 
“Rather, in this more than forty years after the revolution, if the history of the revolution is studied, then the enmity of the US and Britain is clear”, he pointed out. 
According to General Hajizadeh the support of the US and Western countries during the Holy Defense era led to the prolongation of the war and the martyrdom of many young people in Iran.
He emphasized that had the US and the West not supported Saddam, more than 20 or 30 thousand of young Iranians would not have been martyred.
Stating that Iranians can solve the problems inside the country with their abundant talents and elites, the Iranian commander further added that in the hard defense industry sector, Iran was able to make good progress by relying on domestic capabilities despite sanctions and pressures.
“Today we have achieved all the complicated technologies in the field of the defense industry, so we can solve problems in other fields such as industry and agriculture, which are much simpler,” he further pointed out. 
He stressed that to solve problems internally, we must increase the recognition of the enemy and not trust it. 
Elsewhere in his remarks, General Hajizadeh referred to the expansion of foreign policy relations in the incumbent government, adding that several programs in the field of foreign relations, including relations with Saudi Arabia and issues related to the nuclear agency are resolved.
The IRGC Aerospace commander said later said that the range of the recently unveiled Hypersonic missile named Fattah could increase to 2,000 km from the previously announced range of 1,400 km.
“Fattah is a hypersonic missile with a range of 1400 km. However, the range of the missile can be increased to 2000 km.”
Fattah’ hypersonic ballistic missile has been produced by IRGC Aerospace Force specialists.
It has a range of 1,400 kilometers and is able to infiltrate in all anti-missile shields and destroy them.

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