Regional security depends on coop. of all regional countries

Ali Bagheri Kani made the remarks in the meeting with Anwar Mohammed Gargash, senior diplomatic advisor to the United Arab Emirates President and Khalifa Shaheen Almarar, Minister of State within the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday. 
Emphasizing that Iran considers no limit to increasing its relations with its neighbors, Bagheri Kani considered the continuous political consultation between the officials of the two countries’ foreign ministries to be the most important factor in strengthening the relations between Tehran and Abu Dhabi.
Stressing the efficiency of the neighborhood policy adopted by President Raeisi administration, he said, “The bridge of friendship and brotherhood that has been created through the political will of the countries in the south and north of the Persian Gulf has created a clear vision of stability and development for the people of the region.”
The Iranian diplomat considered Iranians living in the UAE as a solid support for bilateral relations between Tehran and Abu Dhabi, and consulted with the UAE side to resolve their issues and problems.
According to Bagheri Kani the consolidation of mutual political trust between the two countries is the key to the stability of relations between Iran and the UAE in the new era.
The Emirati officials, for their parts, emphasized the determination of their country’s government to comprehensively improve relations with Iran and considered the deepening of economic relations as a priority for bilateral relations.
The senior Iranian diplomat in a post on his Twitter account earlier today announced that in line with Iran’s policy of continuing political consultations with the neighbors, he traveled to the United Arab Emirates to discuss the promotion of bilateral cooperation and review regional issues with the Emirati officials.

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