Major General Mohammad Baqeri made the remarks in a meeting with the Commander of the Royal Army of Oman Major General Matar bin Salim al Balushi on Thursday.
Cultural, historical, religious, and political exchanges can create a suitable platform for the interaction of the armed forces of the two countries, he said.
Security of the Persian Gulf region should be ensured through the interaction and cooperation of the countries of the region, Bagheri said, adding that the countries of the Persian Gulf region have the necessary capacities to ensure the security of the region and are able to ensure the security of the region by cooperating with each other without the presence and interference of foreigners.
The armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Sultanate of Oman are at a high level in terms of training, operations, and intelligence, he also said, adding that taking advantage of the experiences of the two countries can definitely be a platform for improving security at the regional level.
Stating that Oman’s policy is to develop and strengthen relations with neighboring countries,  the Commander of the Royal Army of Oman added, “We have a lot in common with Iran and the proximity to the Strait of Hormuz has added to the importance of these relations.”
Referring to the visit of Major General Bagheri to Oman, the Commander of the Ground Forces of the Omani Army said, “This action was the beginning of the expansion of defense and military relations between the two countries, and we have also visited Tehran in this regard.”