Resistance fighters targeted Zionist soldiers in Tubas

Palestinian sources reported an armed conflict between resistance fighters and Zionist forces in the Tubas district in the north of the West Bank this morning. The Tubas Battalion, a branch of the Quds Brigades (the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement), reported targeting a group of occupying Zionist soldiers at the Tumon intersection in the vicinity of Tubas.
These groups announced in a statement that the fighters of the Tubas Battalion ambushed a group of the Zionist Army’s infantry forces in several axes at the Tumon intersection in the vicinity of Tubas and started firing at them on Thursday morning. According to the statement, in this conflict, a number of Zionists were directly targeted and injured.

Last evening, the resistance fighters in five shooting operations targeted the gathering of Zionist soldiers and settlers in Gerizim areas of Nablus, northwest of Ramallah, Jaba area, Tulkarm city and north of Nablus.
Also, the Palestinian resistance fighters shot at an Israeli drone in Tulkarm airspace this morning. This Israeli drone, which was flying at a low altitude in Nur Shams district, was forced to move away from the area as a result of the shooting.

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