A member of the Guardian Council announced a new “resolution” of the Guardian Council regarding the presidential election and the organization of the registration of candidates.
According to DayliNews, quoting the information base of the Guardian Council, Tahan Nazif, a member of the Guardian Council, wrote in his 78th report from his series of meetings of the Guardian Council:

The meeting of the Guardian Council was held on Wednesday, the 8th of Ordibehesht. In this meeting, due to the proximity of the registration days for the presidential elections, discussions were held regarding the disorder and irregularity of the registration status of the candidates, and all members agreed on organizing the registration status of the candidates.

In each period, a large number of people, along with political figures and managers of the country, attend the election headquarters and announce their candidacy and registration simply by holding a copy of their identity card and a few photos! The report presented at the meeting revealed that out of a total of 1,636 people who registered for the 2017 presidential election, about 1,200 of them had a bachelor’s degree or lower, and about 300 of those who registered were convicted. They had a penalty!

Of course, this unpleasant situation is not far from the eyes of domestic and foreign media, and its humorous clips are also circulated in cyberspace for a long time, causing dissatisfaction among the people and the country’s elites, and sending their grievances to the members of the Guardian Council. None of these people are met.

However, in order to represent the Islamic Consultative Assembly, various conditions are required, including age and education, and people under the age of 30 or without a master’s degree are not allowed to register for the elections. The same is true in the elections of Islamic city and village councils, and candidates for membership in city councils with a population of more than 20,000 must have at least a bachelor’s degree.

General election policies also emphasize the organization of this situation and the precise determination of criteria, indicators and general and specific conditions of candidates, as well as the initial identification of the ability and competence of candidates in the registration process, as well as defining and announcing the criteria and conditions for recognizing a politician. The Guardian Council has specified the religious, managerial, and resourcefulness of presidential candidates.

In this meeting, after many discussions among the members, it was decided that the Guardian Council’s resolution of 2017 on transparency “define and announce the necessary criteria and conditions for identifying political, religious and managerial and prudent presidential candidates” and to Clarification of the mentioned criteria, the presidential candidates should have a minimum of education, a minimum of years and managerial records and a minimum and maximum of age when registering, and the registration status of the candidates should be organized to some extent. This amendment was notified to the Ministry of Interior for implementation.

According to some media reports, according to a new resolution of the Guardian Council, in order to determine the details of the candidacy conditions, from now on, the candidates for the presidential election must have the following conditions to register:

1. Age: 40 to 75 years

۲. At least have a master’s degree or equivalent

3. At least 4 years of management experience in managerial positions

4. Ministers, governors, mayors of cities with more than 2 million people, military commanders with the rank of general and above can be candidates.

5. Having no criminal record and no criminal record