Responsibility for terrorist attacks lies with Ukraine, US

The diplomat was commenting on the US Defense Ministry’s claim that the Ukrainian forces are allegedly using cluster munitions supplied by the US “properly” on the battlefield. “I would like to know whether ‘the proper use’ of cluster bombs is also true for the assassination of the Russian journalist Rostislav Zhuravlev,” Antonov pointed out, “On July 22, he was killed during the shelling by the AFU with the above-mentioned munitions. Is there any limit to the cynicism of the Pentagon functionaries who make such statements?”
“Ukrainian terrorists armed by the West have on their conscience hundreds of children’s lives, the assassinations of Daria Dugina and Vladlen Tatarsky, the attempted assassination of Zakhar Prilepin, regular shelling of residential areas, terrorist attacks on the Crimean Bridge and civilian ships, the destruction of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant and the Togliatti-Odesa ammonia pipeline as well as strikes on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. Responsibility for all this lawlessness lies with both Kyiv and Washington,” Antonov added, according to TASS.
After the start of the special military operation, the West has increased the supply of weapons and military equipment to Kyiv by amounts that at this stage amount to billions of dollars. In particular, on July 7, US President Joe Biden said that the United States had decided to transfer cluster munitions to Ukraine due to a shortage of conventional shells. On July 13, Director for Operations in the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Douglas Sims said that the Ukrainian armed forces had received cluster munitions from the US.

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