Ruhollah Jalili, the mayor of Masjed Soleyman, in a conversation with Khabar Roz: Good steps have been taken in the issue of stray dogs / we expect the other custodian departments to come to work as well

Ruhollah Jalili, the mayor of Masjed Suleiman, said in a conversation with Khabar Rouz: “The stray dogs in Masjed Suleiman city had been abandoned for several years, and with the follow-up and considering the objections regarding the loss of these dogs, the Masjid Suleiman municipality has taken the initiative to bring them back to life. He has taken care of dogs.
According to daylinews, Ruhollah Jalili, the mayor of masjed soleyman, said: Breeding, migration of nomads and the influx of dogs from nearby villages to the city to find food are the reasons for the increase in the number of dogs in the city, which has caused problems for the municipality. Is.

Jalili added: In Khuzestan province, there were only 2 or 3 places to keep stray dogs, and we concluded a contract with a contractor in the municipal complex and considered a local contractor to keep these dogs, and for the first time, we started the rescue operation. .

He continued: At first, he tried to resuscitate dogs with anesthetic darts, which was abandoned due to the difficulties and slow speed of doing the work, and then by purchasing special weapons and training personnel, he continued the operation of reviving dogs throughout the city. we gave.

The mayor of Masjed Soleiman answered our reporter’s question about the actions of other members of the stray dog ​​disposal committee, which include the veterinary department, the health and treatment network, the environmental department, the police force, etc. . . He added: 10 to 15 live capture cases are being carried out daily in Masjed Suleiman city, a good step has been taken by the municipality, but the position of other departments regarding stray and ownerless dogs is critical towards the municipality and the request of the collection The municipality is a serious help in this matter.

Ruhollah Jalili added: Regarding sterilization, at least 70% of these dogs should be sterilized in less than 6 months, otherwise their number will increase 4-5 times during the next breeding season.

In the end, he admitted: only the act of reviving and keeping stray dogs is not a criterion for organization, because screening should be done, sick dogs should be separated and disposed of, and the rest should be vaccinated and sterilized to prevent the reproduction and transmission of the disease. . Our request to other health council member departments is to seriously come to work and help the municipality.

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