Runoff likely in Turkey’s presidential election

According to the state-run Anadolu news agency, Erdogan has won 49.34 percent of the vote with over 98 percent of the ballots counted, while Kilicdaroglu garnered almost 45 percent in the Sunday election.
Sinan Ogan, the third presidential candidate of the nationalist Ancestral Alliance (ATA), only got 5.23 percent of the total vote.
The overall vote turnout has been reported at over 88 percent.
At first, early results put Erdogan ahead, but as the count continued, his advantage eroded. Now, a runoff on May 28 appears highly likely.
Hours after the voting ended, Erdogan addressed his supporters, saying the current results showed him far ahead of Kilicdaroglu. He, however, stopped short of declaring an outright victory.
The incumbent president said votes from abroad were still being counted and that he was 2.6 million votes ahead of his rival.
Erdogan also noted that he would respect the people’s decision if the presidential vote goes to a runoff, adding, however, “we believe that we will win in the first round.”
Kilicdaroglu also made a short statement, saying early on Monday that he will accept the people’s decision for a second round.
Speaking alongside leaders of the other parties in his alliance, he added that Erdogan had not obtained the result he wanted in Sunday’s election.
Kilicdaroglu noted that he will accept a runoff vote and will win it against Erdogan.

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