Russia launches missile attack on terrorists bases in N Syria

Russian fighters destroyed the military positions of the terrorists with three missile attacks by accurately determining the geographical coordinates of the hostile targets.
A high-ranking field source revealed in an interview with the Russian media that at least 6 terrorists and another number of Takfiris with were killed and injured during this missile attack.
Earlier on Sunday, the Syrian Army attacked the positions of the terrorists in Al-Sirmaniyah, Al-Ziyarah, and Kharba villages in the Ghab Plain in northwest Syria.
On Aug. 12, news sources reported the fierce clashes between the Syrian army and the terrorists of the Al-Nusra Front in the northern Reef of Latakia City, Syria.
According to the report, the armed clashes between the Syrian army and terrorists took place with medium and heavy weapons as well as artillery fire.
Since the defeat of the ISIL terrorist group in December 2017 in Syria by the Resistance fighters and the Syrian army, the US-backed SyrianDemoxcratioc Forces occupied many parts in the east and northeast of Syria. They continued to kill Syrian people and steal their property like in the era of ISIL.

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