Riyadh has informed the Yemeni presidential leadership council of its decision to end the war and close the Yemen file once and for all, informed Yemeni sources told Al Mayadeen on Friday.
Also, Ashaq Al Awasat reported that new efforts are underway to resolve the Yemeni crisis as it enters its ninth year. An informed Yemeni source revealed to the source that a comprehensive peace document is being drafted.
Sponsored by the United Nations, the finishing touches are being made to the draft that covers several phases.
The first phase of peace would include a nationwide ceasefire, the reopening of all land, air, and sea routes, the merger of the central banks, and complete prisoner swap deals.
Meanwhile, Saudi Defense Minister Prince Khalid bin Salman reiterated the Kingdom’s constant support to Yemen.
He held talks in Riyadh with the Chairman of the Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi. The minister underlined Saudi Arabia’s backing of the work of the PLC as it pursues security and stability in Yemen.