Sale of basic goods before production with new prices / shortage of goods and quadrupling of oil prices

Simultaneously with the directive of the Ministry of Silence on the sale of basic goods of the previous production at the new price, there are also reports about the shortage of these goods in the market and the fourfold increase in the price of oil.

According to daylinews , Alireza Shahmirzaei, Deputy Minister of Trade and Services of the Ministry of Silence, announced in a circular that vegetable oil, chicken meat, eggs and dairy products of previous production will also be offered at new prices.

From Thursday morning, the approved prices of chicken, dairy and edible oils in Iran increased, and according to the newly approved prices, the price per kilogram of chicken is about 60,000 Tomans, the price of liquid sunflower oil 810 grams is 63,000 Tomans, eggs are 40,000 Tomans, cheese The package has been increased to 38,000 Tomans and the nylon valve to 15,000 Tomans.

The official prices of some of these goods have increased two to three times, but the prices of some of these goods in the market are higher than the official prices.

“In addition to the effect of removing the preferred currency from crude oil, the world price has also risen,” said Mahmoud Bananejad, a member of the board of the country’s chamber of trade unions, referring to the quadrupling of oil prices in the Mashhad market.

Some have cited the reason for selling goods at new prices as preventing people from flocking to stores to buy goods at the previous price, as well as increasing sellers’ motivation to offer goods.

However, there are still reports of shortages and long queues in some provinces.

Meanwhile, IRNA reported that there is a shortage of these goods in Alborz, Ilam, Bushehr, Ardabil, Semnan, Lorestan, and Markazi, and the shelves of most stores are empty of basic goods. Also in Kerman, Golestan, Khorasan Razavi, North and South provinces, there is no oil in stores.

However, Jihad Agriculture Minister Javad Sadatinejad said there was no shortage of basic goods.

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