Senior cleric calls for ending dependency on US dollar

Speaking during this week’s Friday Prayers sermon in University of Tehran, Ayatollah Kazem Sediqi said that the dependence of the economy on the US dollar and oil should end through appropriate planning abd proper economic polices by the government.
The senior cleric also called on the government to curb rising prices in line with the Leader’s instructions.
Referring to the bipolarity in the American society, the Iranian senior cleric said that “The United states has a budget deficit and strange insecurities, and their problems are getting deeper day by day and their governments are getting weaker day by day.”
Considering the Zionist regime support as the American’s most important foreign policy issue, Ayatollah Sediqi stated that the Zionist’s themselves are experiencing the severest crises.
“A split has been created inside the Zionists and on the other hand, they are experiencing protests of several hundred thousand people,” he added. 
Pointing out to the power of the Palestinians and the Resistance Front, the provisional leader of the Friday prayers said “Now the people in the West Bank are armed and carry out military operations every day, and the usurping Zionist regime is in a position where, according to their own elders, they will not reach eighty years of age.”
“The United States, with all its ties to the Zionists, could not solve their crisis, and this shows the weakness of the American government”, he added. 
Referring to the growing decline in the United States dominance over the other countries, the senior cleric said, “Latin America was once the backyard of the United States, but today’s elected presidents stand up against the Global Arrogance one after another.”
Referring to the ineffectuality of US sanctions on Iran, Ayatollah Sediqi further pointed out, ” The Americans thought they could destroy the Islamic Revolution by sanctions, but not only did they not achieve that goal, but the opposite happened. They wanted to unite the Arabs against Iran and isolate the Islamic Republic, but the result was exactly the opposite.”
Considering Iran as an axis in the region and an important factor in the east, the senior cleric concluded that, “The international activities of our establishment should increase so that we could maintain our high position with calculated, bold and penetrating diplomacy.”

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