Senior cleric condemns terrorist attack on Shah Cheragh of Shiraz

Ayatollah Qassem’s statement on the criminal terrorist attack at the Shahcheragh Shrine
November 1, 2022

In the name of God the Merciful

The American tyranny is trying to strike the genuine Islam by perpetuating the fear of visiting religious sites and of Islamic education. This is done by killing innocent men, women & children with dirty, sinful and ignorant hands under the guise of Islam and by terrorist methods. The goal of this is to drive some ignorant Muslims & non-Muslims to loathe the genuine Islam, and to inflame the masses against genuine Islamic governments.

The criminal terrorist attack at the shrine of Sayyed Ahmad bin Imam al-Kadhim (pbuh), in which dozens of men, women & children were martyred and wounded, is in this context and one of these destructive wars.

Issa Ahmed Qassem November 1, 2022 AD


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