During the Friday Prayers sermon here in the Iranian capital today, the provisional prayers leader Hujjat al-Islam Kazem Sediqi hailed President Ebrahim Raeisi for holding up a copy of holy Qur’an during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly address, saying “The Qur’an is a civilization-building, human-building [book], and a source for unity, and the president held it up [in his hands] in the United Nations as a light and a flag.”

This week is the Unity Week [in Iran] and we cannot live without unity,” Sediqi noted. 

On the initiative of Imam Khomeini, Rabi al-Awwal, 12 to 17 (October 9 to 14) was named Unity Week. Based on the Sunni Muslims’ narration, 12 Rabi ul Awwal is the birthday of the Grand Prophet of Islam Muhammad (PBUH), and based on Shia Muslims’ narration, 17 Rabi ul Awwal is the birthday of the Prophet. 

He urged all Muslims, even though they are in different countries, to maintain unity and rise a flag of unity.

The senior cleric went on to note that “The reason for the unity of Muslims is their love for the Prophet, their belief in the same Qibla and the Qur’an.”

“One of the things that destroys unity is Satan, and the Holy Qur’an defines Satan as the source of differences and divisions. In today’s world, the great devil is America while the source of the division of Britain. Britain and America create war and they created the borders and created small countries and with some issues and some exaggerations they cause these borders to differ.