‘September document’ between Iran, JCPOA parties ready: FM

In an interview with Tehran-based Ettela’at newspaper recently, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian talked about the future of the Iranian nuclear deal known as the JCPOA and the indirect talks with the United States and said that, “Talks were held for several months [in 2022] and the results of the talks were bringing us closer to an agreement. We were really a few steps away from an agreement. Perhaps, if the riots that were fomented by foreign interventions last fall had not turned the situation the way it could looked [in the following months] we would have taken the final steps in the JCPOA.”
He said that the Americans and Europeans made a mistake in their argument and thought that a coup was taking place in Iran and that a new revolution had taken place. But the Americans realized earlier than the three European countries (Germany, England and France) that there was nothing and that the events and the provocations and mobilization of the media against Iran would not get anywhere.”
The foreign minister further noted that Americans abused the foreign-backed riots in Iran and continued their animosity towards the Iranian nation despite their continued hypocritical calls for the talks.
He added that the last fall, the Americans would send official messages through diplomatic channels to say that they were ready for talks, but in the meantime, they in the media would claim that talks were not their priority at all and that their priority was not the JCPOA.
“Today, the result is important for the people, and at what point are we now? First of all, our talks with the other parties to the JCPOA have been done and put on paper, and a document known as the “September Document” between us and the other parties is ready despite the fact that some events affected and postponed our agreement. Part of these events was last year’s riots and another factor was the war in Ukraine. The opposite parties sought to abuse those events to impose conditions on us, but we really did not cross the red lines by any means.”
Amir-Abdollahian further noted that Iran has left the door for diplomacy open.

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