Shia Muslims hold mourning ceremony in Baqi in Medina

After it was reported earlier this year that Saudi Arabia had eased some of its restrictions on the pilgrimage by Shia Muslims to Baqi cemetery in the city of Medina during Hajj rituals, there are reports now that Shia Muslims have been allowed to hold Ashura and Muharram mourning ceremony there.

The mourning ceremony of Imam Hossain (peace be upon him) was held in the Baqi cemetery in a rare move, and a group of Saudi Shiites mourned near the Baqi while chanting slogans like “Ya Hossain” and “Labaik Ya Hossain.”

Some informed sources have said that, “The Muharram mourning took place near Baqi cemetery with the permission of the Saudis.”

Accordingly, the Saudi authorities have not prevented the Shiites from mourning the martyrdom of Imam Hossain (AS) this year. An informed source has said, “This action was planned a long time ago when the officials did not allow the presence of Shiites near the Prophet’s holy Shrine and the Baqi cemetery. However, after various rounds of negotiations, the trustees finally issued the permit for their mourning.

The following video footage shows the morning ceremony in Baqi:


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