Ships passing Hormuz Strait must speak Persian with Iran navy

“Any ship that wants to pass through the Strait of Hormuz must inform us of its nationality, type of cargo, and destination in Farsi, and if it does not do this, we will definitely go after it,” Tangsiri said on Friday.
He also recalled that Iran was not allowed to control the Strait of Hormuz during the Pahlavi era, reiterating, “But now, vessels passing through this strait, including ships, warships, and any boats, must introduce themselves in Persian.”
Iran has time and again vowed to give a decisive response to any hostile move in the Strait of Hormuz that seeks to disrupt the security of the strategic waterway.
The Islamic Republic has also made it clear that it views US military presence in the region as a threat to its national security and a destabilizing factor in regional countries.

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