Signs of disintegration of Zionist society revealed: Raeisi

Speaking on Sunday at the cabinet session, Ebrahim Raeisi condemned the recent crimes of the Zionists against Palestinians and emphasized the need for the convergence of the Islamic world to defend the oppressed Palestinian nation and prevent the abusive actions of the Zionist Regime.
Referring to the signs of desperation and the disintegration of the Zionist society and the formation of a new world order in favour of the Resistance Front, Raeisi added, “The free nations will declare their disgust with the crimes of the Zionist Regime this year with a more magnificent celebration of Quds Day.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, congratulating the National Day of Nuclear Technology, the President described the treatment of more than one million patients through nuclear knowledge in the country, as well as the achievement of more than 150 scientific and technical achievements by Iranian scientists in the nuclear industry, especially in the conditions of sanctions and obstructions of the enemy, the President stated, “The administration considers itself obliged to support these great achievements.”
Referring to the agreement between Iran and Iraq to speed up the construction of the Basra-Shalamcheh railway line, which had remained undecided for many years, Raeisi emphasized the need to pursue the plan as well as Iran’s agreements with Russia and China until the result is achieved.

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