Strange but real; The power outage left Iranian chess players stunned

A very strange thing happened in Iranian sports. The power outage of the Chess Federation caused the Iranian chess players to lose in the Asian Championship, which was held online!
According to daylinews , the Asian Chess Championship will be held with the participation of 79 chess players from 16 countries, 20 of whom are great masters. Grandmaster Parham Maghsoudloo is the first among the participants of this competition due to his rating. The tournament will be held in a hybrid manner from May 20 to June 30, with players competing at their country’s chess federation and competing online in the presence of a referee and a technical manager under the supervision of several cameras. .

Participants also have the right to use ordinary plates and beads in these competitions. Controlling the time of these games for each player is 90 minutes for the first 40 moves plus half an hour to finish the game and 30 seconds reward for each move, but yesterday a strange thing happened during this competition. Parham Maghsoudloo, the first Iranian chess player, lost to his Mongolian opponent due to a sudden power outage in Tehran .

Preider: Please do not cut off the electricity of the Chess Federation for 10 days

Shadi Prider, as the organizer of these competitions, wrote on his personal page in response to this incident: Honorable Minister of Energy, today the chess legends are present in the most important match of the year, the Asian Adult Championship, which should win the world quota. They lost their competitions and lost due to power outages. They went to their hotel with tears in their eyes without any protest. For the sake of the country’s reputation in these competitions, please do not cut off the electricity of the Chess Federation during these 10 days!

Samizadeh: Power outage is ridiculous / We did not see the schedule

Mohsen Samizadeh, acting secretary of the Chess Federation, said about the power outage and the defeat of some Iranian representatives in the Asian Championship: “The reason for these incidents should be asked from the Minister of Energy.” All these power plants were opened and we still have power outages in the country. These days, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, chess tournaments have gone online. This model has special conditions.

He continued: “We invited the people we wanted and we got a hotel for them and they will compete with their opponents by attending the federation.” Unfortunately, 3 of our chess players were eliminated from the tournament due to a power outage. In the online system, if you leave the game for a moment, you will be declared a loser by the referees and observers. This decision is made due to the reduction of fraud.

The acting secretary of the Chess Federation stated that we are not looking for the culprit, noting: “We followed up on this issue, but the cure is after Sohrab’s death!” Anyway, we have other competitions on 11 June, and since we do not have an emergency in the Federation of Electricity, we will probably go to a hall in the National Olympic Committee or the Ministry of Sports to avoid such problems so that we do not have to worry about power outages.

Regarding the fact that the power outage schedule has already been announced and why the federation did not pay attention to it, Samizadeh said: “We do not know where and how the schedule has been announced.” The power outage in the 21st century really sounds ridiculous; Of course, maybe I’m looking at the subject very dreamily. I did not see the schedule and of course if I did I could not do anything, because the planning had already been done.

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