Strengthening Iran-Turkey ties in interest of Islamic world

Ahmad Vahidi and Hicabi Kırlangıç met and held talks in Tehran on Wednesday. 
Recalling the existing relations and agreements between the two countries, Vahidi added that it is necessary to strengthen cooperation in issues such as foreign nationals, fighting organized crimes and arms smuggling.
Highlighting the importance of the Aras River issue, Vahidi called for the creation of a working group to develop relations between the border provinces of the two countries.
Referring to the recent Holy Qur’an desecration in Sweden and Denmark, the Iranian minister noted that Iran and Turkey are two important wings of the Islamic world and the region, while the West and US do not want the Islamic world to grow. 
Elsewhere in his remarks, he considered the the presence of foreign countries in the region as a cause of instability, stressing that the countries of the region should try to resolve regional problems by strengthening the existing connections, without the need of foreign countries.
Hicabi Kırlangıç, for his part, said that Turkey’s relations with Iran are long-standing and friendly due to historical and cultural commonalities.
The Turkish envoy emphasized that Turkey’s cooperation with Iran in various fields should be expanded.
He also called for strengthening the interaction in border trade, security, citizens commuting and the fight against terrorism.
He also thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for helping the government and people of Turkey during the earthquake early this year. 

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