Sunni cleric condemns terrorist attack in Shiraz

Mamosta Abdulrahman Moradi told on Friday that such crimes are completely condemned and unacceptable based on Islamic teachings.

The holy religion promotes peace, tranquility and security; so, any sort of crime and massacre is in contradiction to the Islamic teachings, he said, adding that the almighty God does not allow certain criminals, who claim to be in charge of their states, to kill innocent Muslims.

The Sunni cleric went on to say that perpetrators of such heinous crimes are enemies of Muslims, society, nation and the establishment, who resort to any kind of crimes to achieve their goals, but they should be aware that they will not reach their objectives by these blind attacks.

The act of that person, who entered a sacred place and shot at people without any guns, is being translated into cruelty and crime, he added.

The criminal acts are being committed in order to create insecurity and tension in the society, because Daesh seeks to eliminate all human-beings, Moradi warned, saying that Daesh terrorists do not give importance to Shias or Sunnis, and that they do not even know where such a terrorist thinking comes from.

On Wednesday (October 26) a terrorist armed with a machinegun opened fire on the pilgrims and evening prayer worshippers at the Shah Cheraq holy shrine in Shiraz, martyred 15 innocent people, including some women, children and elderly folks, and seriously wounding tens of others.

The Daesh terrorist group claimed responsibility for the heinous act.


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