Syria to definitely respond to Israeli regime aggression

Mekdad made the remarks while speaking to an Algerian channel during his visit to the African country.
Stressing that the Zionist regime is notorious for committing massive crimes, Mekdad cited that the challenges and aggressions in Syria cannot be separated from the events and developments in Palestine.
The Zionist regime is well informed that Syria will undoubtedly and publicly respond to its aggression, he added.
The top Syrian diplomat noted that Damascus will respond to Zionists at a proper time.
Faisal Mekdad arrived in Algeria on Sunday and emphasized the need for deepening Syria-Algeria relations. He is set to depart for Tunisia today.
Syria and Tunisia have announced in a joint statement on Wednesday that in response to the Tunisian President’s initiative to appoint an ambassador for his country in Damascus, Syria decided to reopen its embassy in Tunisia.

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