Syria trip turning point in expansion of bilateral relations

Speaking to reported in a press conference after his two-day trip to Syria, President Ebrahim Raeisi said, “This trip was also kind of a showing respect to the resistance of the Syrian people and government against the harsh attacks by the enemies.”

Stating that Iran and Syria have good potentials and fields for exchanging and cooperating with each other in order to enhance the level of economic and trade relations, the president said, “In the several meetings I had with Mr. Bashar Assad, mainly economic and trade issues and the exchange of mutual potentials and capabilities between the two countries were discussed.”

Raeisi noted,  “the issue of cooperation in the field of energy production and distribution, facilitating economic and commercial cooperation by establishing a joint bank and insurance and reducing trade tariffs between the two countries to zero, strengthening and expanding transit between Iran, Iraq and Syria, the efforts of the Syrian side and Iran’s assistance to revive Syria’s agricultural, industrial and energy capacities after the war and facilitating pilgrimages between the two countries were among the main topics of the 15 cooperation documents that were signed between the two countries.”

Referring to the resolve of Iran and Syria to develop relations and implement bilateral agreements, the president said, “Somehow, the implementation of the agreements started in Syria itself, and the Iranian officials started the implementation work in contact with the officials inside that country, and we hope that these agreements will be implemented and become operational as soon as possible.”

He further said that the people of the region think of Iran as a culumn thay they can rely on.

Raeesi thanked the Syrian government and people for the warm hospitality and expressed hope that the trip, as a strategic tripو and interactions of that kind, will strengthen the relations between the two friendly countries of Iran and Syria and would strengthen the Resistance Front as well.


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