Syria’s reaction to France’s protests

The 17-year-old victim, identified only as Nahel M., was shot at point-blank range by a police officer on Tuesday morning in the Paris suburb of Nanterre. He was driving a yellow Mercedes when he was pulled over for traffic violations.
Police initially reported that he was shot after driving his car at police, but this was contradicted by footage that rapidly went viral across social media and was later authenticated by AFP.
In the wake of the incident, an informed source affiliated with Syria’s Foreign Ministry said that the country has perused the crime of killing the teenager with serious concern, Syrian Arab News Agency-SANA reported.
This crime was committed cold-bloodedly and deliberately by the French police, added SANA.
The deliberate killing of the teenager led to large demonstrations and protests against this irresponsible measure by the police who should safeguard the lives and safety of the people, the source noted.
The crime reveals the French government’s claim to values of equality and non-discrimination, the informed source added.
Syria adds its voice to those who stress the need for putting an end to racist sentiments and behaviors, it underlined.

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