Mohammad Haj Sadeghi: The city of Isfahan once had the first word in breeding the champion of Zorkhane field

Establishing an academy with professional infrastructure and donating a sports complex that we can do under the supervision of the municipality and with financial support and good management and knowledge that is in the form of management and policy-making only with a focus on the topic of education so that we can professionally attract the new and talented generation. Finding and training the right Kurd champion in the not so distant future…

Has the CEO of Masjid Suleiman Oil Company betrayed the people of the city? / Minister of Economy in Masjid Suleiman Administrative Council: I heard that Masjid Suleiman Oil and Gas Exploitation Company has returned part of the allocated construction funds last year.

The Minister of Economy and Financial Affairs said: If a bank violates providing facilities to producers, the manager of that branch will be dealt with seriously and a special team will be appointed by the inspection organization in this regard so that the producers can take a breather.

The Minister of Labor announced in Masjid Suleiman; The construction of the Bakhtiari Petrorefinery complex will begin in the near future

The Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare said: “During the second visit of the President, based on the follow-ups and the special assistance of the First Vice President, it was decided that the Bakhtiari Petrorefinery Complex will also be provided with resources and its studies will be completed, and its executive operations will begin in the near future.” This project is a very big project and requires more than 4 billion euros in foreign exchange and Rial resources.