The Minister of Labor announced in Masjid Suleiman; The construction of the Bakhtiari Petrorefinery complex will begin in the near future

The Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare said: “During the second visit of the President, based on the follow-ups and the special assistance of the First Vice President, it was decided that the Bakhtiari Petrorefinery Complex will also be provided with resources and its studies will be completed, and its executive operations will begin in the near future.” This project is a very big project and requires more than 4 billion euros in foreign exchange and Rial resources.

Asian Clubs Championship, the composition of Peykan volleyball team has been determined

Peykan will leave Tehran tonight to participate in the Asian Club Cup and fly to Vietnam. Iran’s champion enters another international challenge with energy and motivation and tries to be a worthy representative of Iran’s girls on earth. The composition of Tehran’s Peykan volleyball team to the Asian Women’s Club Volleyball Championship hosted by Vietnam has been determined

Munir Azarnoshan: Qazvin Glass Club performed well in its first year in the Premier Handball League

Munir Azarnoshan, born in 1379 and born in Qazvin, is active in handball and has a bachelor’s degree in physical education.
In the first year of his participation in handball in the youth category and in the first division of the country, he played for three years in the city of Qazvin team and in his last appearance in the first division together with the Qazvin team, he was able to win the championship title and along with this The team will find the permission to participate in the premier league and participate in the first year of its presence in the premier handball league.
His titles and honors are also the championship of Islamic Azad University and the championship of the first category of the country with Qazvin team.