Tashkent says its 1st cargo train uses Iran as transit route

According to Uztemiryulkonteyner, the first container train through Iran has been launched from the Chinese port of Xiamen to the Sergeli station. Containers with household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, gas stoves) are transported from China by sea to the port of Bandar Abbas and enter Uzbekistan through Turkmenistan, where they are loaded onto railway platforms in the port of Bandar Abbas in Iran.

The block train, consisting of 39-, 40-foot containers, should arrive in 14 days from the port of Bandar Abbas to the Sergeli station. Currently, the container train has crossed the territory of Uzbekistan and arrived in Tashkent on June 25.

 Iran and Uzbekistan transport ministers signed an MoU in Tehran to promote comprehensive transport and transit cooperation on June 19th.


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