Tehran Friday Prayers condemn Shiraz terrorist attack

Friday Prayers in Tehran simultaneously with other cities in Iran, from all walks of life held rallies to condem the terrorist attack on the Shah Cheragh shrine, a highly revered shrine in the southern city of Shiraz, Fars Province.

 They chanted slogans and held banners calling for bringing those responsible to justice.

According to DayliNews.ir, Friday Prayers in Tehran after the Friday Prayer in the city, participated in the funeral ceremony of two martyrs of the latest terrorist attack in Shiraz.

Tehran Friday Prayers condemn Shiraz terrorist attack

Accordingly, the number of those martyred in a shooting terrorist attack in Shah Cheragh holy shrine in Shiraz, Iran has reportedly risen to 15, with 27 others being wounded, according to official reports.

Esmaeil Mohebbipour, the deputy governor of Fars Province, said that at least two children are among the victims.


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