Tehran, Seoul hold 11th joint scientific cooperation meeting

During the meeting, several issues including the fields and capacities of investment in Iran and entrepreneurship in the two countries.

The two sides also conferred on other issues such as energy, small businesses, as well as the development of business cooperation.

Reza Mohammad-Kazemi, a professor at Tehran University present at the meeting, slammed the unilateral sanctions imposed by the West on Iran and called on Korean investors and businessmen to focus on small and medium businesses such as tourism, sports, and science in order to not face the restrictions of sanctions.

The Korean side also stressed the need for creating new cooperation opportunities between the two governments, especially in the fields of food industry, energy, and tourism.

The participants also agreed to hold the 12th joint cooperation meeting next year in Gilan province.

The South Korean envoy, who was present at the meeting, also called for the cooperation of the Iranian and South Korean entrepreneurs and cited that his country attaches great importance to Iran due to its rich energy reserves.


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