Tehran to host Cinéma Vérité in December

Documentary & Experimental Film Center (DEFC) which organizes the latest edition of the Cinema Verite in December 2023 in the Iranian capital of Tehran released the call for accepting the documentaries in the festival. 

According to the call, the sections of the festival include national competition, international competition, Martyr Avini Award, national and international side sections and commemoration.

Cinéma Vérité  tries to represent the history and culture of Iranian Islamic society and present a real picture of what human is facing today in his/her individual and social life through documentary films.

The festival will focus on two national and international challenges of the water crisis and the population issue in the 17th edition.

Enthusiasts and filmmakers to participate in the 17th Iran International Documentary Film Festival should refer to the festival secretariat located in No. 15, Martyr Qandi Sq., Sohrevardi St., Tehran. 


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