The bell of the beginning of the 1400 academic year rang in Masjed Soleyman + videos and photos

In the presence of the Deputy Director General of Education of Khuzestan, the Friday prayer leader of the city, the Revolutionary Guards Command, the head of Masjed Soleiman Education Department and a group of his deputies, the head of Masjed Soleiman Islamic Council and the head of Masjed Soleiman Municipality, the bell rang to reopen schools in Rudaki .
According to, this morning and on the third day of October, the bell of the beginning of the new academic year was rung at the same time as all over the country in Masjed Soleiman city.

This ceremony was held in the presence of officials and a number of students and their families in Masjed Soleiman city and in Imam Reza (AS) Shahed primary school in Masjed Soleiman education district.

The Friday Imam of Masjed-e-Soleiman city in this ceremony, considering the upcoming Arbaeen Hosseini and Holy Defense Week, said: “Students are the future makers of this country and efforts should be made to sacrifice these loved ones with Hosseini culture and Quranic education and explanation of Islamic teachings.” The warriors of the 8 years of holy defense should be acquainted, and perhaps it was the students who bravely defended the Hosseini culture on the fronts of right against wrong and created epics.

The Friday Imam of Masjed Soleiman regarding the document of fundamental transformation of education and the realization of the importance of full and accurate implementation of the document of fundamental transformation of education approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution considered the request of the Supreme Leader from the trustees .

He added: “The document of fundamental change includes all aspects of activities and programs in the education system and the roadmap of education, the output of which is the training of a faithful, wise and thoughtful human being with moral and religious virtues.”

Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Ahmadi in another part of his speech about the importance of the value of science and the position of learning science in Islam noted: In the Holy Quran and the hadiths of the Holy Prophet and the infallible Imams, the role and position of science has been mentioned many times.

The representative of the Supreme Leader in Masjed Soleyman continued: The first divine verses that have been revealed express the value of the pen and the teaching of science and knowledge, and this shows the importance of this issue in the religion of Islam.

Colonel Mahmoudi, Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Masjed-e-Soleiman, spoke about teaching and learning and transmitting the culture of martyrdom and self-sacrifice to future generations.

The head of Masjed-e-Soleiman Education Department, while congratulating the students on the beginning of the new academic year and the beginning of the Holy Defense Week, said: “The joy that exists these days will be an experience that you will never forget.”

He expressed the hope that the development of a country depends on the manpower of that country: This generation, which is the future makers of Islamic Iran, can guarantee the future of Masjed Soleimani by making efforts in education, because students are the main assets. They are the holy system of the Islamic Republic and the role of education in training and flourishing these talents is undeniable.

Houshang Fardipour, the head of Masjed Soleiman Education Department, added: “Expertise and commitment, if put together, will lead to the progress of the country.” Otherwise, humans will go astray.

Fardipour continued: “We desperately need the participation of all city officials, departments and donors so that we can create suitable conditions for our children in schools.”

Then, the bell of the beginning of the school year was sounded by the head of the education department, the Friday prayer leader of Masjed Soleiman, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards and the managers of the city departments.

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