Among those authorities, three countries of France, Germany and England are pioneers, and these three countries should be considered separately from the rest of the European countries.

The three European countries that have not been able to force the United States to fulfil commitments to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and have not played a constructive role in taking useful diplomatic measures, have become passive actors in recent weeks and are moving in the direction of confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Europe’s interventionist statements after the death of Mrs Mahsa Amini- a 22-year-old female Iranian- rode the wave of internal protests and tried to turn it into chaos and disorder.

Meanwhile, they ignored the attacks of anti-Iranian terrorists on diplomatic centers; the attacks which were completely against international standards and also were examples of interference in internal affairs of an independent country.

These actions, which were carried out in line with the policies of the United States and the Israel, were not consistent with diplomatic approaches and showed the weakness of the diplomatic apparatus of these countries and the lack of proper analysis of Iran’s internal situation.

The baseless claims of European countries regarding the use of Iranian drones and missiles in Ukraine by Russia, which were repeatedly denied by Iran’s official authorities, again caused a miscalculation and led Europe to confront Iran and avoid dialogue and diplomatic measures.

The European Union, aligned with the United States, imposed sanctions against Iran’s institutions and individuals under this pretext, and did not accept Iran’s constructive proposals, such as the investigation of the issue by Iranian and Ukrainian technical experts.

In the meantime, the German Foreign Ministry, like unofficial associations and with a non-diplomatic tone, in response to Iran’s countermeasure to sanction three European countries, claimed to defend “freedom of expression and media” and forgot that Europe has repeatedly banned and criticized the media networks of the Islamic Republic of Iran, like Press TV and Al-Alam.

In support of terrorist groups and rioters, the German government announced that it is reviewing its relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. A completely undiplomatic action that reminds the tyranny of the Nazi era in this country and blocks the path of diplomacy to pass the current stage.

Considering Berlin’s unconstructive actions towards the JCPOA and the low level of economic relations [with Tehran], the Islamic Republic of Iran will definitely not see any harm from the reduction of relations between the two countries, but this unconventional behavior of Germany will be recorded in the history of our relations.

Stopping the activities of the German cultural center in Iran, which has become a place to spread the cultural aggression of this country against Iran, will naturally be welcomed by Tehran.

Unfortunately, France, which is among the most notorious European countries in the field of human rights violations, has turned its back on diplomacy and put interventionist measures, especially through support for rioters.

A country that has restricted the freedom of Muslims and has closed down 99 mosques and even destroyed Muslim cemeteries since September 2020, according to its interior minister, Gerald Darmanin, is speaking of human rights violations in Iran today.

The history of British interference in Iran is long and the people of Iran are still grieving the separation of Bahrain and Herat from their country by the British colonialists. supporting the recent disturbances in Iran and keeping silent on terrorists who attacked the Iranian embassy in London are symbols of London’s non-diplomatic and confrontational approaches against Iran.

History shows that the adoption of unconstructive and interventionist approaches by Europe during Imam Khomeini’s decree against Salman Rushdie and the Mykonos case, which was accompanied by undiplomatic measures, ultimately led to the embarrassment and regret of European countries.

Repeating this failed approach by the European Union, which is based on miscalculations and misinformation, exposes the Union to failure once again.

The solution is that Europe should adhere to the international norms and standards and avoid moving in the direction of the US and Israel’s goals, and also avoid interfering in Iran’s internal affairs, taking the diplomatic route to revive the JCPOA and clarify the dimensions of the accusation against Iran in the issue of sales weapons to Russia.

Otherwise, of course, the Islamic Republic of Iran has the right to take preventive decisions.


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