The joint meeting of the mayors of Khuzestan province was hosted by MasjedSoleiman municipality

This morning, a joint meeting of the mayors of Khuzestan province was held in the presence of Masjed Soleiman people’s representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, director general of urban affairs and councils in Khuzestan province, the governor and Peyman Molaei the mayor, hosted by Masjed Soleiman municipality.
According to the , at the beginning of the meeting, Peyman Molaei, the mayor of Masjed Soleiman, while welcoming the participants in the meeting, said: Masjed Soleiman is facing many problems in terms of urban development and this city has been undergoing a relocation plan for 20 years. The city was moving! Also, during these few years, no development program or budget was allocated for the development of the city, and for this reason, it has a certain backwardness compared to the surrounding cities.

He added: “After twenty years, the basis of the work was to continue the development of the city. After this, the problem of discussing the six polluted areas passed with the process that no construction and urban development should take place, and in this In particular, construction tolls did not include the municipality, and this caused the revenues of Masjed-e-Soleiman municipality to decrease sharply, but municipal services must be implemented in the areas in any way.

Peyman Molaei, referring to the oil wells in Masjed-e-Soleiman and the problems in reducing municipal revenues, said: “The area of ​​oil wells that exist is about three hundred cases have been registered in Masjed-e-Soleiman, each of which has different areas, even between ninety to one thousand meters.” And have made it impossible for us not to work in many areas that have the potential to develop and build apartments, and the constructions in it to be less developed, including the staggering debts, and we in the municipality are struggling with this. We are the subject that this is completely true in the past mayors.

He continued in another part of his speech: Masjed Soleiman city really needs a provincial and national view, because if we want to count the needs of each city,
we are at the beginning of the initial works, the main of which are asphalt paving, work table and surface water canal. We have been, we have remained !! And we expect Mr. Filsafizadeh, who was the mayor of Masjed Soleiman for a few mornings and performed very well, and Dr. Vernaseri, the esteemed representative of the people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and other loved ones, to look at Masjed Soleiman a special look.

In conclusion, the mayor of Masjed-e-Soleiman stated: Allocating development budgets by examining the existing problems will enable us to go one step beyond the current situation and implement a more honest service, which really deserves the citizens and noble people of Masjed-e-Soleiman.

After the speeches of the mayor of Masjed Soleiman, Dr. Alireza Vernaseri, the representative of the people of Masjed Soleiman in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said: The purpose of this series of meetings and the meeting that we serve the mayors of the four constituencies, should be based on All levels, cities and in Tehran should continue and the necessary result should be achieved, and we should not think that with the end of the government, the work of the mayors will end, but we have started a way and God willing, we will continue with all our strength and power. We will give and this important thing is our duty.

Vernaseri emphasized on transferring experiences through the mayors of Ahvaz, Dezful and Mahshahr to the municipalities of the four constituencies and continued: “Our expectation is that you transfer the experience you have gained to other mayors and at least a fifty-year horizon should be provided.” The future of this city should be designed in the shortest possible time.

He added: I ask the director general of urban affairs, before you provide the facilities to the municipalities, first implement your thoughts and knowledge, and all the meetings in the province and the country that are being held, its output should be added to the capacities of that city. In this regard, in order to accelerate the process of improving the meetings, it is necessary to set up a secretariat in the governorate of Khuzestan.

Mehrab Filsafizadeh, Director General of Urban Affairs and Khuzestan Provincial Councils, explained his plans at the end, in which the mayors discussed the problems.

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