The Minister of Labor announced in Masjid Suleiman; The construction of the Bakhtiari Petrorefinery complex will begin in the near future

According to daylinews , Soulat Mortazavi, during a visit to the Masjid Sulaiman Petrochemical Complex, said: Before the Islamic Revolution, the activity of the petrochemical industry was very limited, but now the huge Masjid Sulaiman Petrochemical Complex is a sign of the achievement of the feat achieved by Iranian professionals and workers.

Referring to the government’s pursuit to solve the problem of unemployment in Masjid Suleiman by setting up the Bakhtiari Petrorefinery, he said: This complex should not be left out of the production cycle.

Mortazavi says: With the help of Mr. Mokhbar, the licenses of Bakhtiari Petrorefinery were extended and it was decided that the pension organization would start the implementation of this project with all its strength.

He considered production growth to be one of the components of inflation control and said: If production growth takes place, we will have an increase in productivity, and productivity increase is the backbone of the country’s economy. Is.
According to the Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare, one of the major challenges is the issue of employment, and the managers of the governing bodies should enter more and more to create employment for the youth.

Referring to the creation of stable employment in this province, he added: If there is knowledge and education, we will succeed in employment, the main unemployment rate is in university education, because they do not have the necessary skills for employment.

The Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare emphasized that the justice-oriented economy should be distributed at the level of Khuzestan and said: To implement this economy, a culture of cooperation is needed, and Khuzestan has many capacities and resources for employment and production.

Mr. Mortazavi says: There are many large oil, gas and petrochemical industries in this province, and there are very good neighbors around Khuzestan, and it is not beautiful that this amount of unemployment is at the level of this province.

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