The Prime Minister of Japan was introduced

The former Japanese Foreign Minister and leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party officially became the Prime Minister of Japan today – Monday.
accordinf to , quoted by AFP: “Fumio Kishida,” former foreign minister and leader of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party, today – Monday – officially became prime minister of Japan.

Kishida will serve as the 100th Prime Minister of Japan.

Following the results of the second round of Japanese elections, he won a majority of votes to lead the Liberal Democratic Party.

In the second round, Kishida and Taro Kono, the Minister of Administrative Reform and the head of the Japan Vaccination Campaign, who previously served as Secretary of State and Minister of Defense, competed for the post of party leader.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has previously stated that he has no plans to run for the presidency of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

He and his cabinet resigned en masse today to pave the way for a new government.

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