The release of the movie “Silent Organs” with the message of revitalizing life again

The film with the content and value of silent members reminds us that breathing and living a minute longer is valuable.

According to Khabar Roz, sometimes some works can have an extraterrestrial value and cannot be given a specific value and price. Works that can bring hope and life for many years. It is interesting to know that the idea of ​​the movie “Silent Organs”, which was written and directed by Dr. Eliza Saeedi, is a humanitarian and God-friendly work in line with new life even before the movie. In fact, instead of executing the death sentence, offering to donate their organs “of course with the consent of the convicted person and his family” to needy patients is a unique and godly act.

Unfortunately, many patients die daily in the queue for organ transplants. Most of them are young people who, if a vital organ is transplanted, can enjoy life with their family and loved ones for many years.

Many times we have heard from friends and people around us that a certain person has lost his life due to liver failure, kidney failure or problems and heart failure.

Undoubtedly, the culture of organ donation is a real manifestation of the tender feeling of philanthropy, which should not be limited to certain times.
The valuable film of the artist concerned with social and cultural issues, Ms. Saeedi, called “Silent Members” deals with an important and vital issue that requires the three powers, including the government, the judiciary and the parliament, to have a special look in this regard. to be Both to support the artists who are involved in these social issues and produce valuable works, and to evaluate the content of these works that are prepared and prepared in a cultural format and in special working groups. They should be placed to have social effects and blessings for the society.

In fact, the preparation of works like silent members and works of this type will bring more awareness to the society and then the public benefit and the pleasure of the Lord, so it is necessary for those involved and the custodians to put this issue on the agenda in a special way. .

Undoubtedly, all of us will leave this world one day, and happy for those who, even with their death, prepare and provide the basis of life for other people.
The film with the content and value of silent organs reminds us that even one more minute of breathing and living is beautiful and valuable, and when a way can be found for those who are waiting and looking for a body part to have a full life. to be with their loved ones more; You should not miss this great opportunity and what could be more beautiful than this.
It is hoped that as the director of “Silent Members” expresses his concern in the form of a film without exaggeration and exaggeration and dealing with the margins, the authorities take an important step to implement and prepare the society and provide the conditions for the operationalization of a culture that is alive. Let them put it on their agenda.
We should not neglect and miss the opportunity for people to live again

Eliza Saeedi’s film Silent Members, which received its production license in 2017, was approved by the Honorable Head of the Judiciary at that time by presenting a plan on behalf of her, who is an activist and supporter of the rights of prisoners and the families of prisoners.
According to this regulation No. 100/27863/9000 dated 3/27/1398 and Article 47 of the same regulation, organ donation of prisoners was agreed. Following the follow-up, Dr. Eliza Saeedi, the producer, writer and director of this script, silent members, proposed a plan in which an organ donation under the law is attempted instead of execution in cases where the parents of the prisoner and the prisoner himself consent. It is accepted that both the benevolent act of the parents and the pardon of the prisoner should be done in a certain time according to the law.

Preventing the recurrence of silenced organs is the important plot discussed in this film, where the law does not see a way to forgive and the continuation of a person’s life must be taken, so the author proposes that now we are forced to accept such a situation, donating organs to save seven human beings with one convict. The execution of Nadem, who intends to give life to his body parts, should be carried out with personal consent and a written request from the law enforcer, and it would have a significant help in saving people.
In this film, Saeedi, the director of the silent members, suggests that the roper should take his place by executing the order and donating organs in the hospital, and for the patients who need to receive organs and give random sound based on the severity of the need. This project is in the form of a drama story about life and The concerns of an organ donation surgeon who is also a member of the parliament and the treatment staff and patients with the cousins ​​of the story and his judge and the cleric who make a lot of efforts in this painful way happen and the implementation of this law with the testimony of important people. The story and companionship of the institution of leadership and follow-up of violations committed by the president is terminated.

The format of this movie was made in order to improve the laws according to the Supreme Leader’s order to the filmmakers to produce works that help to improve the laws, and it has obtained the necessary permits for screening and is now ready for screening.

Badin news analysis groupI would like to express my special thanks to the respected institution of leadership and the office of the President, as well as the respected judiciary for creating a suggested opportunity for filmmakers to present the project. We announce the efficient actions of participation in solving social obstacles and problems, especially the amendment of laws, according to the honorable leader. The making and production of the film “Silent Members” and its second part shows the freedom of thought of the media and popular interaction between the government and the cultural members of the society. A disturbing film that addresses the president in some sequences without paying attention to the margins, and the hero of the story expresses his complaint directly to the authority by relying on the law and reckless rule of law. A film that gives hope and encourages people to talk. It shows the sensitive issue of execution with the plan of organ donation of prisoners

that a female organ donation surgeon as a member of the parliament after the approval of this law is trying to establish it and with the disruptions caused by the intervention of the president and in the continuation of this woman as the first vice president after the assassination The important characters of the story recount the martyrdom. There are important points in this film that recounting them in the form of an article and issuing a license for its production indicates the acceptance of concerned and humanitarian thoughts and is an opportunity for those in charge to hear thoughts and reforms. We are especially grateful for such action, which has opened a new image and direction and a new way to process people’s problems and demands. In the end, we would like to thank the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for being helpful in this way.

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