‘Theatre for Living’ comes to Iranian bookstores

Nashrenow Publications released the Persian translation of the book by Mostafa Zafar Ghahremani-Nezhad.

David Diamond’s Award Winning Book that brings theatre and systems theory together into a community-based practice.

Theatre is a primal language that used to be spoken by everyone; everyone included the “living community”.

Weaving together Systems Theory and the groundbreaking work of Fritjof Capra, Theatre of the Oppressed and the revolutionary work of Augusto Boal, and his own 25 years of practical experience in community-based popular theatre, David Diamond creates a silo-busting book that embraces the complexity of real life.

Some of the questions Theatre for Living asks and attempts to answer: From a perspective of biology and sociology, how is a community a living thing? How do we design a theatre practice to consciously work with living communities to help them tell their stories? How do we accomplish this without demonizing those characters with whom we disagree? Must we constantly do battle to defeat an endless stream of oppressors, or can we imagine a world in which we stop creating them? Why is this important? What should we be on the look-out for (both positive and negative) when doing this work? What practical games and exercises can we use to awaken group consciousness?

David Diamond is a founding member of the Vancouver-based theatre company Theatre for Living. He is the originator of Theatre for Living techniques. He was the Artistic Director of the theatre company from 1984 until 2018 when, with the support of the board of directors and Staff he decided to ‘devolve’ the organization.


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