Turkey details disrupting anti-Iran Mossad spy network

The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has issued an indictment against 17 suspects, with 6 of them being detained, under charges of “providing confidential information to foreign entities for political and military espionage,” with a potential sentence of up to 15 years in prison, local Turkish media A News reported on Saturday. 
It was revealed that Küçükkaya established a group named “Third Eye Expert Staff” on WhatsApp to facilitate communication among his team members tasked with following Mossad’s targets.
Küçükkaya was found to have met with Mossad executives 11 times over 4 years in 10 different European cities, receiving a payment of 2.7 million Turkish liras for his services.
The investigation unveiled that Küçükkaya monitored Mossad’s targets in Turkey, including a company and 23 individuals engaged in commercial relations with Iran. The information gathered and shared with Mossad was deemed sensitive and critical to Tukey’s interests.
Mossad also assigned a member named “Agata Anna Zaza” to surveil Küçükkaya as part of counterintelligence measures. Küçükkaya was subjected to a polygraph test in Copenhagen in 2018 to assess his affiliations and loyalty.
The indictment paints a detailed picture of the complex web of espionage orchestrated by Küçükkaya in collaboration with Mossad and highlights the extent of his activities, communication methods, and the significant sum of money exchanged for his services.

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