Turkey launches airstrikes on Northern Iraq

In these attacks, 16 caves, four shelters, two weapon depots, and various materials were destroyed and a number of terrorists were also killed, according to Arabic RT.
Earlier on Wednesday, the Turkish defense ministry announced that a military force was killed in clashes in northern Iraq.
Turkish troops in northern Iraq have long been violating the country’s airspace and territory under the pretext of fighting PKK. These violations of sovereignty continue amid constant condemnations and protests by the Iraqi central government and officials.
On April 18, 2022, Turkey launched a ‘Claw-Lock’ operation against PKK hideouts and bases in northern Iraq. Turkey uses fighter jets, artillery, and ground special forces, claiming that it has information that indicates PKK was going to launch a large-scale operation against the country.
Turkey has carried out most of its attacks in the Sinjar region and in the mountainous areas of Iraqi Kurdistan.

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